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The Siebengebirge throughout the year

  • Drachenfels, Siebengebirge
  • Rosenau, Siebengebirge
  • Monastery of Heisterbach, Siebengebirge
  • Medieval castle ruin Löwenburg, Siebengebirge
  • Einsiedlertal, Siebengebirge
  • Digitalis at Mount Lohrberg, Siebengebirge
  • Nasseplatz, Siebengebirge
  • Ölberg, Siebengebirge
  • Tretschbachtal, Siebengebirge
  • Golden October, Siebengebirge
  • Petersberg, Siebengebirge
  • Nachtigallental, Siebengebirge

I took the photos above on various hikes through the Siebengebirge in different times of the year. It is always a pleasure to be here. In May, when everything is green again and dandelions, daisies and many other field flowers bloom, in June, when there are foxgloves in bright pink and purple colors along the hiking trail around the Lohrberg mountain, and in the summer, when a walk through one of the humid valleys really does us good. Then in autumn the "Golden October" that may last into early November. Until last year, harsh winters with lots of snow were rare. Yet, the Siebengebirge all covered with a snow is a beautiful sight, especially at Christmas time.

Other months may not be quite as "spectacular", nonetheless they do have their charm. I especially like the early February days, when the sky is blue, the sun shines and the days are getting longer, and every year I look forward to the first crocuses in March and April. On foggy days, the Nonnenstromberg seems almost enchanted.