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Nature Reserve Siebengebirge

Sycomore maple
Local trees
Wild flowers
Did the dinosaurs know the Siebengebirge?
Did the dinosaurs know..?
Earth history
Earth history
Ofenkaulen, Winterquartier für Fledermäuse
Kingfisher Nightingale Film Nature sounds from the Siebengebirge
Geological outcrop at Mount Weilberg
Geological outcrop Weilberg
Rocks from the Siebengebirge: basalt, Buchenplatz
Rocks from the Siebengebirge
Volcanic origin
Autumn at Mount Lohrberg
Throughout the year ..

Donkey Ruotger
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In Germany, the Siebengebirge is on of the oldest nature reserves. Since 1958, they are nature park, 1971 they were awarded the "Europe diploma". Nonetheless, they have an eventful, even dramatic history. In old pictures, you can see how much the quarries had damaged the nature. Today it is a wonderful place again, and we owe that to the commitment of the Verschönerungsverein für das Siebengebirge (VVS). Today, the Seven Mountains offer a varied landscape, and a flora and fauna with a large number of species. Many endangered animals and plants live here. On the following pages you can see some local trees, wild flowers and stones from the Seven Mountains. Moreover, there is a table on Earth History.

But .. you should discover all that for yourself, these pages are only an invitation. And if you go for a walk in the Seven Mountains, please also visit the VVS nature park house at Margarethenhöhe, Löwenburger Str.